Boredom Busters


Dog Days of Summer

Did you know that the hottest summer days are called the Dog Days? Appropriate for readers aged 7-10, these stories and movies are perfect for dog-walkers and future veterinarians!

Find the Beat

Find the beat! Suitable for readers age 11-13, these stories will get kids making their own music!

Imagine Your Story

Summer Reading has officially begun at East Greenbush Community Library! Suitable for readers up to age 5, these stories welcome kids to summer and encourage them to use their imaginations!

June 19th commemorates the 1865 final emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. Suitable for readers aged 9-12, these books and movies celebrate the triumphant history and vibrant future of African-Americans.

Making Rainbows

Did you know that June is Pride Month? Perfect for readers up to age 5, these stories and songs celebrate love and diversity in all colors of the rainbow!

Hit the Trails

Did you know that June 1 is National Trails Day? Suitable for readers aged 7-9, these stories encourage kids to explore park paths and forest trails alike!

Dragon's Fire

Suitable for readers aged 10-13, these titles are perfect for fans of Wings of Fire and Dragon Masters craving more dragon tales!

Eat Your Veggies

Perfect for readers up to age 7, these titles encourage kids to plant some seeds and see what delicious things grow!

Shooting Stars

Suitable for readers age 9-12, this activity pack features stellar stories, facts, crafts, and photos for future astronauts.

Mother's Day

Read about all kinds of mom-kid relationships just in time for Mother’s Day! This Boredom Buster is suitable for ages 5-7.

Get Your Groove On!

Suitable for readers up to age 7, these readalongs, songs, and videos will get you up off the couch to sing, dance, and act out stories!

During social distancing, riding bikes can be a fun and safe way to stay active! Get inspired with these cycle-themed stories and activities, suitable for ages 9-12!


Get inspired by what’s in your backyard or neighborhood park and plant some seeds of creativity with this fairy-themed activity kit!