Charlie's Story

When East Greenbush Community Library unveiled its contest to discover a new library mascot, 11-year-old Allison Hutton knew just who to draw.

A 5th-grader at Genet Elementary School, Allison has always loved elephants and her favorite animal was a natural choice for the design she submitted. She took further inspiration from her favorite color, which also happens to appear in the library’s name, and created Charlie, a playful elephant whose wild polka-dot pattern reflects his fun-loving nature.

Allison with Design

Out of 38 total design submissions from the library’s youth patrons, Charlie won the hearts of voters throughout East Greenbush, and has arrived at the library to learn the business of being a mascot from Sully!

Named for an important person in Allison’s life (her teddy bear), Charlie can’t wait to live in the Children’s Room with some of his favorite things: books. In addition to being a big reader, which is important for any library mascot, Charlie can also be found playing soccer, drawing, and watching movies. Charlie’s preferred movie snacks are gummy bears, Skittles, M&M cookies, and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles—as you can see, Charlie loves brightly-colored things that match his polka dots!

If Charlie gets to follow in Sully’s globetrotting footsteps, this inquisitive elephant would love to visit FunPlex and the East Greenbush Bowling Center for summer fun, then stop by 16 Handles for his favorite rainbow sprinkles before hitting the movie theater.

If Charlie needs to stay safe inside the library, he’ll have plenty to do between hanging out with Sully and reading Allison’s favorite books, like The Land of Stories, The Magic Misfits, and Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. He might even take it way back and revisit some of his designer’s best-beloved picture books, Humphrey’s Corner and The Elephant Prince. He and Sully will have to step up their game to keep pace with Allison, who’s been busy building a tree house, painting friendly message rocks for her neighbors, planting a garden, and playing lots of board games.

As the youngest of four sisters, Allison has plenty to keep her occupied between family, schoolwork in her favorite subjects of reading, math, science, and writing, and dreaming of keeping chickens or a duck as pets.

Thank you for drawing our new mascot into life, Allison! Check out the East Greenbush Community Library Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on Charlie’s library life.