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Flipster is a new digital magazine service provided by UHLS to replace the retired OverDrive magazine product. Flipster magazines can be enjoyed via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You do not need to create an additional account to use Flipster. Search Flipster now

How do I access Flipster?

Via computer, tablet, or phone:

Using a browser on a computer, tablet, or phone, click the Flipster link on the this page or our digital collections page. If you are not on a UHLS library network, you will be prompted for your library card number. Click on a magazine to view the current issue. If back issues are available, you can access them by clicking “All Issues” in the right menu. Zoom, print, and other functions are also available in the right menu. You must be connected to the internet to read a magazine on a computer, but tablets and smartphones can use the app for offline viewing. Search now

The Flipster App:

The Flipster app manages your magazines downloaded from the Flipster website for offline viewing. Search your device’s app store to download and install the Flipster app. Open the app and tap Get Started. Search for East Greenbush, NY and choose the library from the search results by tapping Log in.  Enter your library card number to proceed.  You can browse or use the magnifying glass icon to search.  Tap on the magazine you wish to view and click “download” to download the issue to your device.  To download older issues, which are displayed beneath the current issue, click the download icon next to the date of the older issue.  My Shelf contains issues you have downloaded.  Under the picture of the magazine cover, you will see how much time is left before the issue expires.  Tapping Read will display the issue you are currently reading.

Other app functionality includes:

  • Organize downloaded magazines by date or title.
  • Browse magazines via table of contents and page thumbnails.
  • Track percentage of magazine read.
  • Read articles in text view.

The Fine Print

Many Flipster magazines have unlimited simultaneous use. This means that it does not matter how many patrons are currently reading a magazine in their browser or have downloaded it into the app—it will always be available. If a magazine has limited use, it will have a loan period when it is downloaded into the app. The titles that have limited use restrict the number of issues that can be checked out at a time. This means that once one patron’s copy is returned, it will be available for another patron to check out.