Wireless Printing

Send your print job to the library from any location, using any device!

Go to the printing portal

Print from a Computer

Wireless Printing (print-friendly)

  • To print your document, photo, or web page, go directly to our printing portal page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to print.
  • There is a charge of 15¢ per copy for single-sided B&W (30¢ double-sided) and 50¢ per page for color copies.
  • Please note that all items will be printed on letter (8.5″ x 11″) sized paper. Jobs formatted for larger paper sizes will be reformatted to fit the smaller paper. If you need to print on a larger size of paper, you will need to print the job from a library computer.
  • The email address you used when submitting your print job will be your login at the print release station in the library.
  • After sending your job(s) to the printer, go to the library and enter your email address and remit payment using the print release station behind the reference desk.
  • Most file types are supported. Complete list of supported formats
  • Any items that require a login, such as boarding passes, Facebook pages, encrypted pages, Google Docs, etc., will need to be downloaded or converted to an image or pdf before sending. Please see a librarian if you need assistance.

Note to Mac users: If your document was created using Mac-specific software, such as the iWork suite, you will need to save the document in a Microsoft format in order to print it. How do I do that for PagesNumbersKeynote?

Print from a Mobile Device

Mobile devices can use the same procedure as other devices. Alternatively, Android and iOS users can download the PrinterOn app from Google Play or the App store.

Web pages and Photos:

  • Download the app from your device’s app store.
  • Search for the library within the app to see the available printers. To save the printer as a favorite, click the information icon next to the printer name and tap the star on the next page. Use the check mark icon to set that printer as the default.
  • Pro tip: to find the library’s printer quickly, tap the QR code icon in the search screen.  Then scan the QR code (from the Wireless Printing brochure) that corresponds to the printer you need.
  • Web pages and photos can be selected directly within the app.
  • To use print preview, tap this icon: print preview icon
  • To adjust print settings, tap this icon:print settings icon
  • Tap “Print” when you are ready to send the print job.

Android Devices – Other Files

Other files can be printed directly from within the “My Files” or “Gallery” locations using the “Share Via” (or “Open With”) function and selecting the PrinterOn app.

iOS Devices – Other Files

To print an email attachment, launch the native Mail app. Navigate to the email which contains the attachment. Tap and hold the attachment and select “Open in PrinterOn” from the next menu.

Privacy and Security

This portal uses SSL to ensure the security of your transaction. The printer for this portal uses a privacy system. Your documents are held in a privacy print queue until you are present at the printer to authorize their release.

  • Documents are not printed until you enter your email and remit payment at the print release station next to the printer located at the reference desk.
  • The document is permanently deleted upon processing.
  • Documents left unprinted past closing time are automatically deleted.